Why you should join a peer group or CEO forum

Business owners and CEOs are often insulated from their employees and only hear what others believe the they wants to hear, So how do they find out what’s actually going on? A great way to make sure that you ‘find out what’s actually going on’ is to join a peer group or forum with an experienced facilitator. You will get feedback on your toughest decisions from the chief executive’s most effective sounding board—fellow executives who have met and overcome the same challenges.

By joining a peer group or forum, a CEO or Business owner will meet a group of businessmen in similar positions, but with no vested agenda. Here are some of the many benefits of joining a peer group

  • Get ideas, information, opinions, solutions and objectivity from other successful CEOs and Business owners
  • Gain the advantage of others objectively looking at your company in a way neither you nor others around you can.
  • Groups make better decisions than individuals.
  • Learn from the successes of others.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others so they won’t have to make them themselves.
  • Tap into outside knowledge
  • Overcome that ‘loneliness at the top’
  • Get honest, unfiltered feedback

About smudan

Coach to CEO's and Business Owners with an end game or transition in mind while simultaneously building the equity value of their enterprise and creating a better life/work balance.


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  2. James Surowiecki wrote several years ago a book called ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ that reinforces these comments. Having run peer groups for more than 20 years, I agree with your assessment and would add that in a world of change, CEO’s need the perspective of other CEO’s to both prepare for and initiate change in their organizations. We don’t know what we don’t know and CEO’s often find themselves in the dark. One candle can provide some light around an individual, 12-14 candles can illuminate a room.

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