What Should I Do With My Life? The real meaning of success — and how to find it

Cover of "What Should I Do with My Life?&...

Cover of What Should I Do with My Life?

Adapted from Po Bronson’s best-selling book of the same name. This article first appeared in FAST Company. Here are some sound bites –

  • It isn’t just a productivity issue: It’s a moral imperative. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable to the opportunity we’re given. Most of us are blessed with the ultimate privilege: We get to be true to our individual nature.
  • We’re seduced by the idea that picking up the pieces and simply tweaking the formula will get the party started again. In spite of our best thinking and most searing experience, our ideas about growth and success are mired in a boom-bust mentality.
  • The ruling assumption is that money is the shortest route to freedom. Absurdly, that strategy is cast as the “practical approach.” But in truth, the opposite is true. The shortest route to the good life involves building the confidence that you can live happily within your means
  • The idea that smarts and intensity are the essential building blocks of success and satisfaction is a product of the past decade
  • Attitude is the biggest obstacle: Environment matters, but in the end, when it comes to tackling the question, What should I do with my life? it really is all in your head.

For an abbreviated version read the FAST Company article here: http://www.fastcompany.com/node/45909/print

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