Do these age old business maxims still hold?

Old maxim New maxim
Failure is not an option Failure happens – deal with it
The customer is always right Happy employees means happy customers
Never be satisfied Always be appreciative but never complacent
Nice guys finish last Nice guys get results
Grow or die Grow when you gotta
Old maxim  New maxim
To get ahead you must work long hours Maximize your results, not your hours
People only work if you’re constantly kicking their butt Treat people great and they do great work
Leave your personal life at home Be yourself at home and at work
Sales fixes everything Happy people fix everything
The business of business is business There’s more to business than just business

For a more complete discussion read Alexander Kjerulf’s blog post.

Do you agree? Whats your opinion?


About smudan

Coach to CEO's and Business Owners with an end game or transition in mind while simultaneously building the equity value of their enterprise and creating a better life/work balance.

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