When Is It Time To Sell A Family Owned Business?

Family Owned Business (FOB) Owners‘ most difficult decision is deciding to sell. In many cases they ignore some market dynamics that suggest difficult times ahead. Those difficult times often result in a significant drop in the value of the business. This article from The Exit Strategist Newsletter helps you to find some of those signals. For the past 20 years you have built your business. Your company has become part of your identity. Even when you are not at work, you are working, thinking, planning. You never stop. If you sell you are leaving behind much more than a job. 

  1. Late in your working life you are faced with a major capital need .
  2. A large competitor is taking market share away from you.
  3. Your competitive advantage has been “leap frogged” .
  4. A major company just acquired a direct competitor.
  5. Your kids are not interested in running the business.
  6. You have had a health scare.
  7. You have lost a major client or a key employee.
  8. The market is hot and you can take some chips off the table.

For much more detail, please read this great article here. 

 When Is It Time To Sell?


About smudan

Coach to CEO's and Business Owners with an end game or transition in mind while simultaneously building the equity value of their enterprise and creating a better life/work balance.

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